Clients and Services

Satisfied Consulting Clients have included:

Services provided: strategic planning with Boards of directors; community needs assessment; program design, development and evaluation; leadership team development program

Services provided: development of their strategic and operating plans to provide health promotion and prevention programs and resources

Services provided:  coordination of Bullying & Harassment program, serving as Senior Harassment Officer; development and coordination of an employee climate survey; development of HR policy including accommodation; development of a staff position and compensation structure

  • corporate sector organizations such as a large insurance company association

Services provided: market research and strategic planning to establish how to best serve their member companies and develop a new brand of service delivery

Satisfied Coaching Clients have included:

  • individual leaders of large and small organizations, and independent professionals

Services provided: coaching that enables leaders to focus priorities, identify and address potential ‘de-railers’ to leadership effectiveness, accomplish goals, and establish work-life balance


… to increase your organizational and leadership effectiveness …